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The Way it is With Me

by Nwamaegwu Jeremi Duru
July/August 1998
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How significant has it been in your life to be biracial?

I consider myself a black man. I honestly never identified myself as or thought of myself as a biracial person. I have always been well aware that my mom is white, never been ashamed of either side or been reluctant to disclose either side; but I have always identified as a black man. I think this is largely be-cause my mom kind of suggested that I do so as a kid.

When I started to think about what race is about, I had questions about what am I. I was curious around those questions. I discussed with my mom where I stood and I think she realized that our society is what our society is, a society that is color conscious and that if you met me or you saw me on the street, you would automatically assume that I was a black man. She took a realistic perspective that that's the way it was, and certainly to try and say that I was white and live the life of trying to be white would be insane because it's clear that I'm not just that. Trying to live as a biracial ...

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