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The Wisdom Chronicles: A Conversation with Jamilah R. Jor-dan

by Billie Young with support from Pam Boulton, Terry Liddell, and members of the Exchange Leadership Initiative
January/February 2017
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Article Link: http://www.childcareexchange.com/article/the-wisdom-chronicles/5023308/

“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” 

From the first time I met her at an NAEYC conference, I knew that Jamilah R. Jor’dan possessed leadership and wisdom and that she would be a major influence and innovator in the field of early childhood education. In this article, I hope to capture some of the lessons Jamilah offers to us that can inform our efforts to improve the quality of early childhood programs — for every child, whether through QRIS, Pre-K, or professional development initiatives.

Jamilah’s professional work has centered on racial equity, social justice, and ensuring that all children and families have the highest quality early learning experiences. Jor’dan is currently interim dean, College of Education and associate professor in the Department of Early Childhood-Primary and Bilingual Education at Chicago State University (CSU), and owner of Jor’dan Consulting Group, Inc. Like many of us, Jamilah began her career in early childhood education working as an assistant teacher in a Head Start program. She has been the Vice President of the Governing Board of NAEYC and convener of the NAEYC interest forum, Violence in the Lives of Young Children.

A Passion for Teacher Excellence and Program Quality for All Young Children

Those early years working in Head ...

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