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Thirty-Fifth Annual Status Report on For-Profit Child Care

by Kathy Ligon and Tiffany Peckham
January/February 2022
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Article Link: http://www.childcareexchange.com/article/thirthy-fifth-annual-status-report-on-for-profit-child-care/5026376/

*Top 50 North America's Largest For-Profit Child Care Organizations table can be found in the pdf version of this article.


“It felt like starting the business all over again.” 

This sentiment was echoed across the CEO group as they responded to the 35th edition of Exchange magazine’s status report on for-profit child care. Never has the industry seen as much turmoil and change while, at the same time, held so much optimism for the future. As companies were forced to reinvent themselves, re-imagine their missions, establish new protocols, support team members, care for families, advocate for their futures, and continue to look for opportunities to serve more families, the world shifted in its recognition and respect for the industry.

“We were challenged to rethink everything! In addition to all of the safety measures put in place to keep children, families and staff safe, we also pivoted and adapted key aspects of school operations. There is not one area that hasn’t been impacted.”
Marianne Whitehouse,
Creative World School

“The disruptions gave us an opportunity to reflect on our value proposition to families, to hone our approaches, and to strengthen our organization for the long haul.”
Peter Cromwell, Georgetown Hill ...

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