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Three Weeks Left of School

by Carol B. Hillman
May/June 2010
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We have three weeks of school left. We are coming down the home stretch, and for me it is always a time of mixed emotions â€" a time to sort out feelings and store some memories. It is a time for looking back and looking forward. It’s a mixed-up time for me.

I think about my investments of the year. No stocks or bonds in my portfolio, just time and effort and love. My interest rate has been high, and so have yields, but what lies ahead can never be a certainty. There have to be fluctuations, but there is greater certainty within each child, and thus within each family unit. I like to think about my investment in each child’s future; a little more understanding of who she is, a little more understanding of who her classmates are, and a little more understanding of who her teachers are, and how each one of us likes to be treated. I like to think that part of my investment is that each child has internalized what justice is, that she has seen it firsthand in the classroom all year long â€" in every squabble over the red blocks that needed to be ...

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