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Tick-tock, Tick-tock . . .

by Dennis Vicars
September/October 2011
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Webster's American English Dictionary defines time as: "1: period during which something exists or continues or can be accomplished; 2: point at which something happens; 3: customary hour; 4: age; 5: tempo; 6: moment, hour, day, or year as indicated by a clock or calendar; 7: one's experience during a particular period."

The comedian George Carlin had an entirely different take on the idea of time. When asked by a passer-by if he "could give them the time," his response was, "I can't give you what I don't own." I'm sure most of us on any given day feel that we don't own our own time. As leaders, we are constantly being brought into situations we did not anticipate or telephone calls that extend well beyond the promised period. Directors' lives are a constant turmoil with daily challenges such as: staff illnesses, which create ratio problems; children with knee bruises, requiring ice and TLC; and don't forget the parents who require inordinate amounts of time, both morning and evening.

If we accept the definitions of time presented by Webster or Carlin, it's easy to accept our fate and acquiesce to the notion that the clock controls us. I would propose a different idea ...

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