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Tools That Empower

by Emily Viehauser and Megan Arnim
September/October 2010
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As Harper was playing with some glass stones, it became obvious that she was collecting all the red ones. She gathered them all in her hand and said, "These are all me . . . because they're the same color as my dress." She walked around with the stones in her hand, spinning and looking around at things, and eventually ended up back at the table with the glass stones. She put down the red ones and pushed them all towards one another, keeping them all in a close pile. Then she began collecting some blue stones. After she had picked out roughly the same amount of blue as she had red, she carefully gathered each pile and moved them to an empty table, keeping the piles separate. "That's me," she said, pointing to the red pile, "and that's Bella," pointing to the blue pile. After counting how many of each color she had, she flipped some of them over so their flat sides were down and their round sides were facing up. Then Harper pushed the two piles together saying, "I mixed all them together so me and Bella are all together."

While Harper used these stones to represent ...

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