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Truth or Consequences

by Dennis Vicars
September/October 2010
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Many of you remember this game show from a few years ago (okay, decades ago) which relied on the contestant’s ability to resolve a question or problem correctly. If they did, a positive consequence would follow. Unfortunately, an incorrect answer or solution would result in a negative consequence which could lead to their dismissal.

I think we all too often play this game of ‘truth or consequences’ with our centers and programs. That’s unfortunate, since the five basic truths for positive consequences in our centers only require uncompromising dedication to each.

1. “Absolute Excellent Service”: Many centers have great program quality, but few have a total, uncompromised cultural commitment to appreciate and respect every child, parent, and vendor that walks through the front door. This total commitment is central to recruiting, hiring, training, and rewarding staff. It’s the cutting edge which separates your center from all the other good programs and, in effect, defines you in the parents’ minds. It costs nothing other than uncompromised commitment.

2. Hire great people: Hiring great people begins with a motto of “always recruiting, always interviewing, always prepared to hire.” Hiring when the need arises usually means hiring out of panic, which guarantees disaster. The children, parents, and other ...

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