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Tuning In and Tuning Out

by Luis A. Hernandez and Connie Jo Smith
March/April 2001
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"It's not fair!"; "I hate school!"; "I wanna stay home!"; "Why do I have to go?". While these lamentations sound very familiar to many parents and preschool teachers, it may actually come from the inner child of many adults who are attending training or returning to school.

Reasons for attending training and school to enhance skills in working with young children are plentiful and begin with the fact that there is a higher demand for early care and education. Nowadays, most preschoolers attend child care prior to their formal school experience (West, Wright, & Hausken, 1995). Several changes in society have lead to more children in early care and education in recent times. Brain research results confirming the importance of high quality early education may be influencing some families to enroll children in programs at a younger age. The 1996 welfare reform demands that low- income mothers join the work force, which results in a need for child care services during working hours. An increase in working mothers and dual income families have added to a higher need for child care (U.S. Department of Labor Women's Bureau, 2000).

In addition to, and maybe because of an expanded need for child care services, much ...

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