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Module 2: Movement Activities

Preventing Obesity and Promoting Wellness
Module 2: Movement Activities

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Take this Turn-Key Online Learning course and earn .35 CEU from The University of Oklahoma, Center for Early Childhood Professional Development.

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Child obesity is at epidemic levels. One-third of the children in America are carrying too much weight. Early childhood programs can lead the way in educating young children and their parents on the importance of diet and exercise. This Turn-Key training program will give early childhood educators the knowledge base and practical strategies they need to make a difference. Watch the following video to learn more.

This innovative, comprehensive video course offers a new way of presenting video-based training. This course includes:

  • Insights from experts in pediatrics, nutrition, movement, child development, and adult education
  • Real-life interactions gathered from classrooms across the country
  • Learning objectives and reflection questions
  • Extension activities and additional resources
  • Closed captioning

The time is now for early childhood programs to aggressively address childhood obesity and promote wellness. This course will help you start the process of causing change that will benefit young children for the rest of their lives.

Module 2

Movement Activities

Lesson Four - The Life is good Playmakers (19:30)
The Power of Playfulness
Play and Self-regulation
Champions of Play

Lesson Five - The Trail Walk (19:36)
Getting Ready
The Trail Walk
Outside the Classroom

Lesson Six - Natural Learning Environments (18:48)
Outside Learning Environments
First Environments
Getting Started

Lesson Seven - Inside Matters Most (16:42)
Inside Matters Most
The Star-Bellied Sneetches
Kids On Fairness