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Twenty Small Acts of Kindness

March/April 1996
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Twenty Small Acts of Kindness
Tips for parents looking for a way to thank their child's teacher

Thank-you's come in many forms. Sometimes the ones that don't cost anything are the ones that mean the most. Talk with other parents at your child's school. See how many ways you can think of to let your child's caregivers or teachers know how much you appreciate them. Here are some ideas to start with:

1. Smile: Say hello and smile, even when you're in a hurry.

2. Talk: You can brighten up a teacher's morning simply by passing along your child's enthusiastic comments. (Sometimes children will tell their parents about something that they especially liked at school - but never think to mention it to their teachers.)

3. Label: There are few sights more welcome to a teacher on a hectic winter day than boots or mittens with a child's name clearly marked on them.

4. Write: After parent-teacher conferences are over, send a note of thanks for all the time the teacher has put into preparing for them.

5. Tell a friend: Say something positive about your child's teacher or caregiver to another parent ...

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