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Voices DVD: Supporting Teacher Performance

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These are not your typical training DVDs. No scripts. No staged events. Imagine sitting down for a one-on-one conversation with some of the leaders in the field of early care and education. Imagine them presenting at your next class, staff development, or training session. This is the concept behind Voices on DVD.

This powerful series of DVDs offers you practical ideas and experienced insights from seasoned professionals who speak with the passion and perspective that can only come from years of working with directors, teachers, young children, and their families. Interlaced with real-life classroom video, they provide a rich platform for staff development and training sessions that will inspire, motivate, teach, provoke new thinking, and generate lively discussions.

Supporting Teacher Performance - Chapters:

  • Staff morale and teacher performance - 7:43
  • Creating a supportive, nurturing environment with teachers - 8:14
  • The role of professional development - 6:46
  • Program directors as leaders - 7:32
  • Addressing the needs of different generations - 6:37
  • Managing conflict and embracing change - 8:07
  • Identifying staff members who aren't a good fit - 6:44
  • Recovering from morale challenges - 6:35
  • Addressing gossip and negative attitudes - 9:53

Interviews with:

  • Patricia Berl
    Bright Horizons Family Solutions
  • Gigi Schweikert
    Early Childhood Expert
  • Jerlean Daniel, Ph.D.
  • William H. Strader
    Professor, Early Childhood Education Hesser College
  • Peter Pizzolongo
  • Pam Schiller
    Schiller Educational Resources
  • Holly Elissa Bruno
    Author, Leading on Purpose
  • Akimi Gibson
  • Luis A. Hernandez
    TTAS/Western Kentucky University
  • Debra R. Sullivan
    President, Praxis Institute for Early Childhood Education
  • Jerry Parr
    Danya Internaional
  • Ellen Hall
    Executive Director, Boulder Journey School
  • Fredalene B. Bowers
    Child and Family Study Program, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Permission is granted for use of a DVD by one individual program director, trainer, or college educator working with up to 75 people. Usage by large early childhood organizations, colleges, and other training institutions must be negotiated in advance. Contact Exchange at (425) 883-9394 or send an email to bookstore@ChildCareExchange.com