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Way Beyond Bake Sales - Success Stories from the Field

by Anne Mitchell
November/December 1997
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The savvy director is always looking for new sources of funding and evaluating whether they're worth pursuing. In this article, directors who've succeeded at raising significant amounts of private money for their diverse child care centers share their experiences and the lessons they've learned along the way. If you've ever considered soliciting foundations and other private funding sources, this article is for you.

A 16 year old child care center serving a mixed income population of families in Washington, DC, raises close to $10,000 every year through an annual fund drive aimed at individuals. A center in Portland, Oregon, that has been in operation over 100 years, received a foundation grant to replace all their clothes dryers with new efficient gas models. In the South Bronx, a new center serving families in training programs designed to help them leave the welfare rolls added a full-time family specialist to their staff with $50,000 of foundation funding. A network of child care centers in Kansas City raised close to half a million dollars from corporations, foundations, and the United Way. Imagine your center here. . . .

These success stories are not isolated tales of extraordinary good luck. Each is the result of hard work, ...

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