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What Changes Can We Expect?

by Roger Neugebauer, Chip Donohue, Larry Schweinhart, Sasa Milic, and Jody Martin
July/August 2011
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We looked into our crystal ball at some key trends that will impact the early childhood world in the coming years and invited some of our friends to do the same. Here are the results:

Technology and education
Chip Donohue, PhD, Director of Distance Learning, Erikson Institute, Chicago, Illinois

The rapid pace of technology development and deployment has already changed, and will continue to change, the way in which early care and education is delivered " from online technology tools for teacher education and professional development to program management tools for communication, financial management, record keeping and assessment, to technology tools, digital devices, and digital media that are used in classrooms with young children. Web 2.0 tools are also being used to connect early childhood professionals to network, share ideas and resources, and collaborate on advocacy efforts. For many years I have thought of the early childhood field as high touch/low tech, but as convergence technologies like smartphones, digital cameras, tablets, and social media become more a part of our everyday lives, the opportunity to embrace and use these same powerful technology tools in intentional, effective, and appropriate ways will continue.

Technology will march on, but concerns remain about appropriate uses of technology with ...

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