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“What We Seem to Have Here is a Failure to Communicate...”

by Dennis Vicars
January/February 2010
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Or so said Paul Newman in the movie, "Cool Hand Luke."

Communication is probably the most over-used, but least understood term in any organization. If you look at any employee survey, the biggest complaint is "lack of communication by upper management." How often have you heard, "No one told me that"? Or, how about the familiar phrase, "Well, they don't listen to me."

First, all organizations can probably do a better job of getting the message out. We are told that in radio advertising one must hear a message seven times before it registers with the brain. The visual message must be seen four to five times before the brain acknowledges and comprehends the intent. So, undoubtedly, we can all do a better job of making sure that needed information is issued repeatedly and in a manner best suited to the intended ­audience.

However, complaints about lack of communication are too often made by people prone to talking and telling instead of listening and learning. To truly communicate, one has a responsibility to find out what the other party really wants or hopes to achieve. Once this is accomplished, then and only then can you communicate from a position of strength.
Here are a few ...

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