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What's Your End Goal?

by Dennis Vicars
September/October 2015
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When I began my first company, I sought advice from several sources in various fields to make sure I had some clue before moving forward. I asked past bosses if they believed I had the skills to go it on my own. I sought out friends and asked them to honestly give me feedback and appraisal on whether they felt I had the intellect and, better yet, determination, to be successful as an entrepreneur. I interviewed folks who had left the comfort of corporate America to open successful businesses to learn what lessons they could share with me before I made the plunge — and possibly put my family at financial risk. I also sought out those who had tried and failed in starting their own businesses; these proved to be my best advisors. Finally, I used honest introspection and measured my skills, knowledge, leadership ability, and true desire to create my own opus, which in many ways might well be the defining legacy of one’s professional endeavors.

This due diligence was the best thing that I could have done and I would highly recommend it to anyone even lightly considering such a challenge. The process itself is a personal growth tool ...

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