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When Staff Don’t Do What They’re Supposed to Do

by Mary Gersten
July/August 2009
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Why don't employees always do what they're supposed to do? The reasons are often as ambiguous to them as they are to their supervisors. Different roles come with different perceptions. Understanding and finding solutions will help us create an approach to staff development that will target the reasons why staff don't always perform at their best. There is a strong link between the quality of work life for staff and the quality of care they provide children and families. Staff training is one very important aspect, representing an organization's commitment to growing its staff. Staff development, as it is often called, requires staff's reflection on their goals and how they will achieve them. When used as a tool for performance appraisal, this reflection can provide supervisors and staff with the necessary instruments to address situations that hinder performance.

Reasons for poor performance

According to Ferdinand Fournies (1988), there are many reasons for poor job performance. A number of them can be seen in the early childhood setting. The following scenarios demonstrate how staff's attitudes impact the quality of services they provide.

They don't know what to do:

Problem: Every morning before class, Wilma sets up the classroom with the help of ...

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