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Wonder Newsletter

July/August 2010
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Wonder wisdom by Berta MacGregor

Our newsletter has such a wonderful and far-reaching name! By definition, ‘wonder’ is a state of mind in which you want to learn more about something, a desire to know, a lust for learning, a thirst for knowledge. It is feeling aroused by something strange and surprising. It also means to question, to place in doubt, to express doubtful speculation, to meditate, to ponder, to think over, contemplate, muse, and reflect. What a word! More than a word! A state of mind! Remember this definition because it has all the elements we need in a new learning model for this new millennium. Children have it. They are born with it. It is in their nature. So, where and when did we lose this state of mind, this sense of wonder? When did our thinking become so narrow-minded, passive, and isolated?

It all started with the factory-based education model of the past, textbook-driven, confined to four walls, teacher-centered, with passive learning and little to no student freedom. This model turned its back to the innate thirst for knowledge, the desire to learn, the passion, the questions, the meditation and contemplation, the wonder and imagination in every child. ...

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