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Wonder Newsletter

by Caroline Hudicourt, Jim Wike, and Helle Nebelong
January/February 2011
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Our beautiful, but fragile environment by Caroline Hudicourt

Forty schools with a total of 8,000 students have become an oasis in Gros Morne, northwest of Haiti's Artibonite Valley, as they contribute to the reforestation of the area. They have bought land at least a half acre per school that they cover with trees to later exploit for the benefit of the school. The children participate to the reforestation of the community, build a source of revenue for their school, and shape their identities as responsible citizens. Sometimes children walk as much as 5 to 6 hours back and forth to get trees to reforest their school's property.

The project, that we call "friends of trees," started in 2000 with a group of children ranging in age from 4 to 15 years. With a mentor, they learn to prepare nurseries, compost, and plant and water the trees. The children's excitement for reforesting led Gaston Jean, who initiated the reforestation endeavor, to involve a network of schools in the activity; the network
now includes 40 schools.

Since 1992, Gaston has been part of a community organization committed to make the Green School Reforestation Project work. He says, "This project helps the children ...

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