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Wonderful (But Wasteful?) Windows

by Adam Neugebauer
November/December 2009
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I grew up near Seattle, where floor-to-ceiling windows are the façade of choice for most downtown high-rises. The beautiful Emerald City skyline is practically made of glass. I've even heard that there are so many windows that a major earthquake could leave Seattle-ites wading through multiple feet of broken glass. As for my childhood house — a place I still call 'home' — practically every exterior wall surface that can accommodate a window does. This includes huge north-facing windows in the dining room, along with two large skylights. So I've definitely grown to appreciate the beauty and benefits of windows.

The wonder

Foremost amongst these benefits is the connection with nature. In western Washington, the color green is practically omnipresent outdoors (this is one of my favorite parts of coming home . . . after, of course, spending time with my parents). Without all of these windows keeping us connected with the outdoors, the feeling of being cooped up in a school, office, or home all day could drive us crazy; but we've already got our contrast-resistant winters for that. Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks so highly of this characteristic: a variety of studies have shown a correlation between greater ...

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