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World Forum in Action

January/February 2012
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Global Leaders Report " Singapore

The Asia/Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood (ARNEC) held their annual conference in Singapore in November with attendees from 30 nations. Among those in attendance were the World Forum Global Leaders for Asia. Under the guidance of Regional Coordinator Sheldon Shaeffer, they provided interim reports on their Global Leaders advocacy projects and really impressed the standing room only audience. Their reports focused on ways to inform the general public and key political players in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and Singapore about key issues in early childhood education.


World Forum Visits China

After attending the ARNEC meeting in Singapore, Roger Neugebauer represented the World Forum Foundation in a visit to Shanghai. While there he visited four preschools and had meetings with adminstrators, researchers, and teacher educators. Dongyu Zhao, World Forum National Representative for China, and her team at the Enlightenment Center organized all the events over a five-day period. The World Forum is grateful for this rich opportunity to learn about issues around early childhood education in China.


Updates from World Forum National Representatives:

“I currently have been working on a project where support is being given to ten remote communities to utilize national environment to ...

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