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Your Culture: Solution or Problem?

by Dennis Vicars
November/December 2008
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For those of us old enough to remember (if not, pretend to be an historian), Eldridge Cleaver, a former leader of the Black Panthers, wrote a book in the late ‘60s entitled, Soul on Ice. Although I remember little about this controversial treatise, the one maxim I have always remembered from Eldridge, was his quote, “You are either part of the solution or you are part of the problem.” I don’t think that statement is any more germane than getting our entire center/school staff united in effort and purpose.

One of the great questions in management is how to bring every staff member onto the solution side of the equation as opposed to the problem side. When Billy Martin was managing the New York Yankees, a writer asked him what he thought was the key to managing people. His response was, “Keeping the 10 that dislike you away from the 10 that haven’t made up their mind yet.” This might work for major league baseball management, but our people seem to need just a tad more.

It’s obvious that professionals in our field work for more than wages. They love children, enjoy a growth oriented atmosphere, and feel good about the good works ...

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