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Hearing Everyone's Voice: Educating Young Children for Peace and Democratic Community

by Susan Hopkins
ITEM #: 4000450
Children recognize conflict, injustice, and bias; but they need to be taught how to sort out their concerns and take action to bring about fairness for all. In Hearing Everyone's Voice, teachers and parents and children share stories of their struggles to build a democratic community by learning the many ways there are to hear each other given differences in age, ethnicity, gender, culture, and economic background. The perfect guidebook for integrating peace education, anti-bias perspective, and democratic practice into your curriculum.


Chapter I - Stories to Illustrate Theories of Children's Social Development

  • Working with Very Young Children to Build Social Equality, Respect, and Community

Chapter II - Principles to Promote Democratic Community

  • Developing Self Identity within the Community
  • Establishing Safety and Trust
  • Taking Responsibility for Our Own Actions: Dependability
  • Cherishing Diversity: Respect for and Inclusion of Same and Different
  • Sharing Control and Decision Making
  • Promoting Problem Solving and Choices
  • Sharing Resources and Helping

Chapter III - Convergences and Connections Between The Democratic Principles, and Goals of Peace Education and Anti-Bias Education

  • Peace Education Goals
  • Anti-Bias Education Goals
  • Charting the Goals

Chapter IV - Strategies to Build Community Through Democratic Practice

Chapter V - Emergent Learning Strategies

  • Emergent Planning Chart
  • Constructing Knowledge
  • Observation of Children's Concerns

Chapter VI - Strategies for Taking Action

  • Guidelines to Empowerment
  • Action Steps

Chapter VII - Children's Issues: In Their Own Voices and Images

  • Children's Concerns
  • A Book by the Children: Helping Children
  • Thoughts on Compassion

Chapter VIII - Adult Issues: Obstacles to Overcome on the Way to Achieving Democratic Practices

  • Obstacles to Hearing Everyone's Voice
  • The Adult Journey

Chapter IX - Resources

  • Organizations
  • Musicians
  • Children's Books for Early Childhood
  • Books for Adults
  • Video Tapes for Adults

Chapter X - Appendix

  • Principles of Child Development and Learning
  • Guidelines for Decisions About Developmentally Appropriate Practice
  • Program Descriptions
  • Applications
  • Training Resources

ISBN: 0-942702-26-3