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Adopting a Growth Mindset

by Amelia Dress
March/April 2016
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“I love learning new things, and in teaching there’s always something new to learn. There’s always room for improvement.”

“When an activity doesn’t go the way I planned, I try not to get too frustrated. Instead, I think about what I can do better next time.”

“There are always new challenges. That’s what I love about teaching. Some days are harder than others, but it would be boring otherwise.”

When I talk to long-time teachers about their work, this is often what they say. They take genuine pleasure in meeting the day-to-day challenges of teaching. Their passion shines through when they interact with the children:

“Watch this!” One of these teachers told me as the children began to arrive, “Tommy used to come in and go from one area to another, just making a mess. We tried everything to get him to settle down. Then we discovered that he loves boats. We’ve added a captain’s hat to the dramatic play area and now that’s the first place he goes every morning.” The teacher said this with all the pride and enthusiasm of a first-time parent watching a child learn to walk. Her willingness to experiment with different solutions meant that she eagerly looked for ways to meet ...

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