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Bridging Research and Practice

January/February 2017
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In this time of increasing recognition of the importance of the early years, research is fundamental. As a leading publication for professionals in the field, Exchange seeks to provide a bridge linking research and practice and to bring this to professionals at all levels. The Bridging Research and Practice feature is an opportunity for researchers to write about why they study what they do as they reflect on the potential impact of their work. These articles will be about varied aspects of research related to early childhood education with links to the original research as well. Each article will be accompanied by a companion piece full of practical strategies and ideas for how to try using the research in your practice. 

We are inviting each of you — if you are a teacher educator, administrator, principal, classroom teacher, or home child care provider — to take and use this! We have heard from many of you that you’d like to access new evidence in our field and understand ways to use it to inform your practice. We will be learning together as we enhance children’s lives through our individual and collective practices.

Help us make this just what you need by sending us your requests for topics you want ...

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