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Using Metrics to Strengthen Business Leadership

by Louise Stoney and Libbie Poppick
May/June 2017
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Article Link: https://www.childcareexchange.com/article/using-metrics-to-strengthen-business-leadership/5023569/

The fact that most early care and education (ECE) businesses in the United States struggle to make ends meet is not news. Nor is the fact that ECE managers feel increasingly squeezed by higher standards (which often require more dollars), competitive markets (that make it difficult to increase prices), and few opportunities for third-party funding. The bottom line is that running a successful ECE business is hard. And while many challenges are beyond the control of site directors, owners, or administrators, some can be addressed. Thinking strategically about what leaders can influence, what fiscal and programmatic decisions matter most, and what data are most likely to help a program stay on track, are key to ensuring sustainability.  

This article is the first in a three-part series that will explore the concept of early care and education business metrics. Part I focuses on why metrics matter, what metrics should be tracked, and how these data can be used to support full enrollment.  Part II will continue the discussion with a focus on using metrics to boost fee collection, monitor cost per child, and guide decision-making with regard to cost containment. Part III will highlight dashboards that bring all these data together in ...

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