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Valuing Emotions in Children and Adults

by Madhavi Sudarsana
July/August 2017
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Venue: Child development center, 2-year-old room 

Time: Drop-off time, morning around 8 am

Rehana came rushing into the center. She had Aseem in her arms. It was very clear that he didn’t want to be there. He was struggling in his mother’s arms, kicking and pushing her. As soon as Rehana put him down, he ran towards the door. 

Rehana said, “Aseem, I have to go to work. I will come back in the evening. Then we will go to the park and play. Now give me a big hug and be a brave boy.”

Aseem screamed and held on to her legs, “No go! No go!”

Rehana tried to push him away. Sabrina, Aseem’s caregiver, noticed her pleading look. She lifted Aseem off her feet and took him inside and gestured Rehana to run out quickly. She took a sobbing Aseem inside, telling him, “It’s okay. Don’t feel sad. Stop crying.” Then she started reading a book to him. Aseem calmed down in a few minutes and started playing. 


The Need for Training

Marylyn, the center director, watched this episode unfold through the observation window. Recently she had been thinking about the child care practices that were used in the center. Some time back she had read a quote ...

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