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More Than Peas and Carrots

by Ruth Wilson
May/June 2018
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“I like the strawberries best because they taste so good,” responded a five-year-old when asked what she likes about her school garden. Other children chose different types of produce as their favorites: “I like the peas and the way some are fat and some are flat.” “I like the carrots because we can dig ’em up out of the ground.” One child’s response was a little different: “What I like best is being with my friends. We have fun working together in the garden.”

Gardens — wherever they are — are often valued for the harvest they produce and for the pride and joy they bring to those who do the gardening. This is true for both children and adults. Many schools today are developing gardens with additional desired outcomes in mind. Some schools focus on enhanced opportunities for experiential and interdisciplinary learning. Some look to gardens for encouraging healthy eating and promoting more physical activity. School gardens are also developed to promote ecological understanding and to foster environmental stewardship. According to research, school gardens are effective in meeting all of these goals (Berezowitz, Bontrager Yoder, & Schoeller, 2015; Dennis, Wells, & Bishop, 2014; Williams & Dixon, 2013). But the ...

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