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Enabling Leaders at All Levels

by Kristen M. Waterfield
January/February 2020
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When you think about leaders in the early childhood education setting, who comes to mind? Owners? Executive office managers? Directors? What about the backbone of every school—the teachers?

If you are looking to cultivate a high-performance culture, the answer should be all of the above. 

Effective leadership does not—and should not—come only from the front office or executive office. In fact, at a fundamental level, leadership has less to do with one’s position and more to do with one’s passion. Being a manager or director in title alone does not necessarily equate to being a true leader. At the same time, strong team members who are not in traditional leadership roles may be naturally leading others in the course of their daily work when they set positive examples, motivate peers and encourage productive change. 

By creating opportunities to channel energy and talent regardless of an individual’s role—essentially, enabling teachers and staff to lead at all levels of the organization—you will not only strengthen engagement among employees but also enhance your overall program with their contributions.


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