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A Collaborative Inquiry into Becoming Anti-Racist: Part 2

by Theressa Lenear and Ijumaa Jordan
July/August 2020
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Article Link: https://www.childcareexchange.com/article/a-collaborative-inquiry-into-becoming-anti-racist-part-2/5025476/

In the March/April Exchange, Margie Carter and colleagues described their process of accountability as white educators writing about anti-bias education and racism. This second article represents our response to the process of giving feedback to the original article, which was written by Margie Carter, Julie Bisson and Alea Fry. The two pieces are related because they are reflections on an experience shared across racial differences, but they are necessarily different. Our collaboration was successful because of the trust we have built and our ability to bring our whole selves to one another. This two-part article was created in the same way.

We will share the relational and historical context of anti-racism that informs our anti-racist work in general, as well as the article feedback we gave. You will find four core understandings of anti-racism work in early care and education and a call to action. Our article is intentionally written within our individual and collective racial and cultural context, and the reading experience will include storytelling, direct expression and truth telling. Our communication style is conversational and high-context with limited explaining, which is outside of the white cultural norm of “professional writing.” The article is meant to spark more anti-racist dialog and ...

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