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Stable Connections

by Samantha Balch
September/October 2020
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Samantha?” Isabelle asked, eyes still focused on her drawing.

“What’s up?” I responded, putting my own colored pencil down.

“I miss being in Room 3,” she said quietly. I sighed, the weight of her sadness pressing down on me even through the miles and miles that separated us, connected only through a video call as we worked on drawings of what we saw out our own windows.

“I miss Room 3, too,” I replied. “I miss seeing everyone every day. I am so happy that I get to see you on the computer and play together, and I am sad that I do not see you in person.”

Hundreds, if not thousands, of programs like mine were thrown into the same situation in spring 2020, with next to no time to thoughtfully discuss how to pivot from working with young children in person to working with them over online platforms. What is appropriate? What should our goals be? What should we even be doing?

Technology in the early years has rarely been a straightforward subject, and for a good reason: bringing tech into classrooms deserves a lot of thought. When we combine best practices about technology ...

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