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Achieving True Inclusion

by Erika Smith
January/February 2021
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My office phone rings. This is never good. Someone is in trouble. Someone needs serious help. There is a preschooler who is out of control. As an inclusion specialist, this is largely a part of my job: supporting children who are so unruly, they constantly disrupt the learning environment. I answer my phone and find that my assumption was correct. I rise from my desk and take a deep breath before heading down the hallway to the classroom in need.

When I arrive, the majority of the students are huddled in a corner with the teacher and one lone child is yelling and throwing the plastic food from the dramatic play area. He is a big boy, four years of age, a little over three feet tall and a solid 80 pounds. As he yells to be left alone and that he wants to go home, tears are streaming down his face. I advise the teacher to remove the children from the classroom and to find a quiet place to engage in a game with them.

 I do not attempt to stop the boy from throwing and yelling. It is apparent that he has strong emotions about something right now. In a ...

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