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Protesting with Children

by Chazz Lewis
January/February 2021
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Left, Right, Chicken and Rice! Left, Right, Chicken and Rice!” 

I protested with my 3- to 5-year-olds in my Montessori classroom for chicken and rice for lunch, because that was their favorite meal. They helped me brainstorm ideas for the protest. We made phone calls to the principal and cook, we typed a letter together, we made signs, and even made a chant. On the morning of the protest, you could hear us marching down the halls.

“Left, Right, Chicken and Rice! Left, Right, Chicken and Rice!”

The children learned many things from this experience, but most importantly they learned that their voice matters. They learned that they have the power to make things happen when they put in the work. They learned about the process of advocacy. 

Too often, we judge children by how they obey, and we judge teachers by how much control they have over children. If we see a child disobeying their natural need to move and explore by sitting for long periods of time, we label them the “good” child. If we see a teacher controlling all of their students with precision, we label them a “good” teacher. If we define “good” as obedience, what does that say ...

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