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Putting Transformational Leadership into Practice

by DLee Babb and Dave Gesler
March/April 2021
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Article Link: http://www.childcareexchange.com/article/putting-transformational-leadership-into-practice/5025856/

*This is the second in a two-part series on transformational leadership. The first part can be found in the January/February issue of Exchange.


The transformational leadership approach is a leadership style that is more complete, complex and motivating compared to other, older styles of leadership. Characterized by being creative, interactive, visionary, empowering and passionate, transformational leaders create positive change and innovation in organizations by being inspirational and motivating (Hackman & Johnson, 2013). Transformational leadership is applicable within early childhood settings and schools, and is a fitting leadership style for directors and teachers. It produces better follower outcomes (e.g., higher motivation, higher competency, more self-respect, higher self-efficacy and higher self-fulfillment) and organizational outcomes (e.g., higher teacher motivation, increased child outcomes, higher worker productivity, better work environment, higher collaboration and increased quality production). Thus, for early childhood settings and schools, having a transformational leader at the helm is highly beneficial.

Here are some ways to implement the characteristics of transformational leadership into practice in our daily leadership roles.

Emphasize Creativity

  • Take time to gather information from teachers and parents and truly listen to their ideas. Having town hall meetings, to which parents are able to come ask questions and give ideas, is a good ...

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