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Raising Writers: Awakening the Author Within

by Rebecca M. Giles
May/June 2021
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Today, more than ever before, parents are responsible for facilitating their children’s learning. Many parents realize how important it is that they read to and with their children to promote long-term success in and out of school, but they might be less familiar with the need to support children’s writing development. Fortunately guiding children to discover the joy that comes from putting their thoughts in print is something all parents can do. 

Most young children are innately curious about the process of writing, and by age 2 or 3, have already begun experimenting with putting marks on paper. Children’s ability to write evolves gradually, as they move from making random marks to meaningful symbols. With support and encouragement, they eventually become authors, composing stories that they are eager to share. Young writers are best supported in an environment that engages and inspires their fascination with writing by surrounding them in print, provides materials and opportunities for writing, and has adults who serve as both role models and scribes.

Print in the Environment

Children are naturally exposed to print such as store names, road signs, cereal boxes, and t-shirt slogans. This helps lay the foundation for learning to read. By displaying an event calendar, ...

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