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Inquiries and Exploration in an Infant-Toddler Color Lab

by Jennifer Kesselring, Ashley Stewart, Jennifer Norviel, and Whitney Dickinson
July/August 2021
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*Photos can be found in the pdf version of this article.

As I turn the corner of the infant-toddler hallway into our Color Lab, I am greeted by a large, white, floor canvas alive with materials in various shades of blues, greens, and purples and overlaid with a projection of a peacock. This sensory experience is further enriched by the recorded sounds of one of our resident peacocks, his feathers, numerous textural elements, and reflective surfaces of various shapes and sizes. This invitation is one of many in this space, which focuses on the ways in which color plays with light, reflection, and everyday experiences on our campus.

Having watched the peacock outside their window strut his emerging feathers for several days, the teachers have thoughtfully translated this encounter into an immersive sensorial palette. Five children are situated near each other; three are playing with white tulle that has seemingly captured the peacock within it, another is grasping a peacock feather, and yet another is enchanted with a blue cupcake liner that echoes the familiar hues of a peacock. The teacher is nearby taking notes and photographs and carefully listening to and observing the nuances of the children’s interactions—watching for the curling of ...

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