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Playful Science Activities for Young Children

by Cathy Meredith and Satomi Izumi-Taylor
September/October 2021
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“Generally, human beings have benefited greatly from scientific discoveries and inventions.”
                                    —S. Wali Abdi

Promoting young children’s science literacy impacts every dimension of their lives, because science and technology can improve our economic well-being, national security, and even the democratic process. Science literacy refers to examining things, solving problems, and approaching simple or complex issues in a certain way. In short, science literacy skills provide children a better understanding of the world in which they live. In teaching science, we are fortunate to have two salient ingredients for science learning: children’s natural curiosity about their surroundings and the hands-on nature of science.

Traditionally, science teaching has focused on memorizing formulae and terms, and on recalling facts. Such teaching could lead to the inability of children to gain problem-solving and critical thinking skills. High-quality science learning should come from teachers’ understanding of how children learn and what they are capable of learning. Learning about science should be an integral part of the classroom. Developmentally appropriate science programs need to be based on children’s interests, questions, and play. Encouraging children to engage in in-depth exploration of ...

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