Individual Streaming and Download Subscription
  Thank you for your interest in an Ed.Flicks subscription with downloads for individual trainers, individual professors, or single centers!
  • With this subscription, each video in the library includes both streaming and download options.
  • Once your order is complete, you may download as many videos as you like.
  • You may use these downloaded videos in your classroom, a workshop, a conference presentation, an in-house training session, and/or in password protected online learning systems as long as your subscription remains active. Videos may not be made publicly accessible.
  • Once your subscription expires, all videos you download can no longer be used and must be deleted from anywhere they are stored.
  • An individual Ed.Flicks subscription is intended for individual trainers, professors, or single centers that train less than 75 people per year. If you train more than 75 people a year, please contact tiffanyb@exchangepress.com for pricing and options.
Only $175 per year!