Ed.Flicks Individual Subscription Terms & Conditions

IMPORTANT NOTE: An individual Ed.Flicks subscription is granted for a single trainer, professor, or single center training less than 75 people per year. If you train more than 75 people a year, please contact tiffanyp@exchangepress.com for pricing and options.

  • Upon submission of signed Terms and Conditions and payment of the subscription fee, Subscriber is granted either a monthly or one-year, non-exclusive, non-transferable license for access to all videos included in Ed.Flicks (“Licensed Content”). The license is valid only for the Subscriber named on these Terms and Conditions. All other users must secure their own license.

  • The subscription is renewable on a monthly or annual basis and is effective for as long as the Subscriber maintains an active, paid account and does not violate these Terms and Conditions.

  • If Subscriber chooses the Download Subscription and does not renew the subscription, all downloaded copies of the Licensed Content must be deleted from all storage locations including, but not limited to, computers/laptops, mobile devices, external hard drives, other external storage devices, and learning management systems.

  • Exchange Press may terminate the subscription for substantial or material breach of the Terms & Conditions by providing Subscriber with written notice in paper or electronic form. No refund will be provided upon such termination and all copies of the Licensed Content must be destroyed or returned to Exchange Press.

  • Copyright of Licensed Content and its entire contents are owned by Exchange Press, except when third party copyright is noted on content.

  • Subscriber may download any videos included in License Content and post them in a password protected learning management system provided that the materials are distributed only to individuals enrolled in the training/course; materials are not made available for download; no charge is made for access to the materials; materials are not made or distributed for commercial advantage; and that the items bear the appropriate Exchange and third party copyright notices.

  • Subscriber may not modify, adapt, abridge, or create a derivative work of the Licensed Content without the prior written permission of the Exchange Press.

  • The Subscriber may not remove, obscure, or modify interviewees’ names or copyright notices included in the Licensed Content nor any metadata or digital rights management information that may be associated with the Licensed Content.

  • Any other use, duplication, or distribution of the Licensed Content in any medium and by any means violates applicable U.S. and international copyright laws and treaties, and you may be subject to prosecution and penalty of law.