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What to DO
March 3, 2021
Watch what you tell yourself, you’re likely to believe it.
-Russ Kyle

"We should reframe the way we talk to children, and tell them what to do rather than what not to do," writes Mary Gersten in an Out of the Box Training Kit, "Teaching With Respect." She provides an example of what she means:

"Amara was in the store with her mom. She had been given a balloon to hold. Her mom said to Amara, ‘Now don’t let it go.' Amara immediately let go of the string and watched it float to the ceiling. In her frustration, her mother yelled, ‘I said DON’T.’ The next time Amara was given a balloon, she said, 'Now hold the balloon tight.' Amara held the balloon, safely making it to the car with it still in her hand."

Out of the Box Training Kits

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The Out of the Box Training Kit, Teaching with Respecthelps teachers understand why respect is important in the interactions we have with all human beings, including young children who spend much of the day in our classrooms. By reading this article and engaging in the experiences, teachers will understand what it means to teach with respect. Teachers will understand why an environment designed around respect is important in the classroom. They will develop concrete ways to express respect in their everyday interactions with children.

Out of the Box Training Kits are ready-to-use professional development programs on a variety of contemporary topics to support and improve the skills and pedagogy of those who work with young children.

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