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What Causes Bullying?
May 26, 2017
Spilt water cannot be gathered up again.
-Japanese Proverb

Dr. Gail Gross, in her December 14, 2014 Huffington Post article, "What Causes Your Child to Become a Bully?" provides five of the most common reasons children begin to bully others. Dr. Gross writes:

"I have witnessed a few different situations that describe the majority of child bullies:

1. Like Parent, Like Child
Children model what they see. If a child is bullied by his/her parent, or is being abused or treated in a disrespectful way at home, that child is likely to imitate this behavior at school.

2. The Powerless Child
Sometimes, the child that bullies is the child who feels completely powerless at home…This child may attempt to gain back power by bullying others at school.

3. The Forgotten Child
I have seen children who feel invisible at home act out as bullies at school…That feeling of invisibility may turn into anger, resentment and then bullying others at school.

4. The Entitled Child
Then there is the child who has been given too much power…Children who are given everything they want, raised without limitations and rules to follow…may believe they have a right to bully others at school, since they bulldoze their parents at home.

5. Children Who Lack Empathy
Finally, there are those children who come from wonderful, loving homes with actively involved parents who become bullies. These child bullies may simply lack empathy, like to dominate...and want power. The wonderful thing about this is that empathy is something that can be taught."

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Diana Suskind
Stonework Play
Leominster, MA, United States
05/26/2017 04:32 am

What may cause bullying isn't by itself the answer.I think you have to go deeper and both the aggressor and victim need an opportunity to search their own feelings. My suggestions is to encourage using Stonework Play as a vehicle to help make sense out of this serious challenge. See this from dsuskind.com http://dsuskind.com/index.php/component/allvideoshare/video/latest/being-bullied

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