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Why Do Parents Pay So Much if Providers Make So Little?
August 14, 2018
It's difficult to unlearn behaviors that made us successful in the past speaking rather than listening; valuing people like yourself over people of different genders or from different cultures; doing things on your own rather than collaborating; making the decision yourself instead of asking different people for their perspectives. There's a whole range of behaviors that were highly functional in the hierarchical organization that are dead wrong in the flatter, more responsive, empowered organization that we're seeking to become.
-Robert Haas

Click the link below to watch a helpful video from Child Care Aware America that explains why, even though parents in the United States pay large amounts for quality childcare, very often not enough is left of those payments for adequate provider salaries and benefits.


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Nancy Dunn
Santee, CA, United States
08/14/2018 09:55 am

This is oh so true. The numbers seem fairly accurate. Interesting, though; I have a military family receiving assistance through Child Care Aware whose help is being reduced if not eliminated because CCA has not been funded. I hope they are lobbying for their own behalf

Lake Fenton Community Schools
Fenton, Michigan, United States
08/14/2018 03:19 am

Why is only focus put on preschool child care workers? School-age child care workers are feeling the same effects and also need the support. In most cases we work off carts and struggle everyday to provide a caring and nurturing environment.


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