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The Creative Power of Questions
September 29, 2022
Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question
-e.e. cummings, American poet, 1894 – 1962

In the book A More Beautiful Question, author Warren Berger quotes David Cooperrider, who developed the theory of appreciative inquiry: "Organizations gravitate toward the questions they ask."  In an era of uncertainty and challenge, let that sink in. Uncertainty and challenges both give rise to questions. Regardless of circumstances, we always have the power to choose the questions we'll ask. Consider two organizations facing financial challenges. One focuses on "who is to blame?" and "what can we cut?" while the other asks, "what can we learn from this?" and "what new opportunities does this present?" Without any difference in circumstances, imagine for yourself the course of recovery for these two groups. As Cooperrider says, "We all live in the world our questions create."


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