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Time for a Daisy Chain Audit
September 9, 2002

"Some folks are natural born kickers. They can always find a way to turn disaster into butter." —Katherine Paterson


Children's charities in the United Kingdom are calling on every council and school in Britain to carry out a "daisy chain audit" to uncover the true extent of bans and restrictions on chlidren's play. The Children's Society and the Children's Play Council are concerned about a growing culture of caution in parks and playgrounds. The two charities have also found that traditional childhood games, ranging from daisy-chain making to handstands and yo-yos, have been stopped.

For the 15th annual National Playday, which will bring together 100,000 children and adults at events across the UK, the two charities are asking play providers to look again at what is being offered in schools and parks. The "daisy chain audit" should look at whether children in that facility can make daisy chains, ride skateboards and bicycles, play with yo-yos and take part in other childhood play.

Children's Play Council director Tim Gild said, "Children should be free to take a chance on play. This is why both charities want local authorities and schools to have a close and honest look at what is on offer for children. We are not pointing the finger of blame for a growing culture of caution at any one group, but individuals and organizations have an important role in making play exciting."

For additional information of this campaign, visit www.childrenssociety.org.uk or www.playday.org.uk.

For more ideas on children's play, check out several Beginnings Workshop features on play in the "Exchange Bookstore" at www.ChildCareExchange.com.


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