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Finland Adding To Paternal Leave
September 12, 2002

"Talent is born is silence but character is born in the struggle of life." —German proverb


A report in the August 2002 issue of Work & Family Newsbrief shares this news from Finland:

"Finland wants fathers to participate more in childcare, so they're proposing to add a week to their mandated paternal leave. The country has an amazing variety of family leave options, some to care for sick family members, some for newborns, some for mothers and some for fathers, 263 days in all. Parents may take some of the days together and must use some separately. In 2000, only a fraction of fathers used the parental leave compared with 100,000 mothers. After commissioning a report on the health of its families and children, the government has concluded that more participation from dads will help improve child health. Thinking more will use it if its longer, they will submit an amendment to their Health Insurance Act to Parliament to lengthen paid paternity leave from 18 to 25 days."

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