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Responses to Resources on Creativity
January 20, 2003

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality."
–Martin Luther King, Jr.


The December 30, 2002 ExchangeEveryDay included several resources on creativity. Readers shared these initial thoughts:

Sydney Gurewitz Clemens observed:  "Another resource for creativity is the Bravo show, "From the Actors Studio" where talented people talk about their craft . This has many lessons for early childhood people... the reflective process of the artist is made clear and the many ways of approaching a problem also undergo scrutiny, all in an adult, humorous, gripping format.

Alice Sterling Honig noted: "Some creativity! Suppose you are with a toddler. Please do NOT throw coins on a table. They are swallowable!. Please do not pick an action and carry it out immediately, if the action hurts another or destroys or really messes up someone's toys or property! There are plenty of other ways to be creative with kids on your own! Put on lovely soft music and take scarves of nylon and dance around to your own created body motions. Bake nutritious cookies and creatively decorate them with bits of fruit or sprinkles before baking. Read a story with as many voice changes and wonderful expressions as you can to entrance little children. Think of ways that you can help in your community, such as volunteering to read to children who must stay in a hospital for many weeks. Save beautiful junk...such as paper towel rolls and large paper clips and wrapping foil and create wonderful collages with kids!. Have kids figure out and then act out how to move like a kitty or a puppy or an old plodding horse. Have kids change the words to familiar songs to make them 'silly'... or sing silly songs such as 'I know an old lady who swallowed a fly' with children. Those are safe and joyous creative activities, but please do not toss coins while little ones are near!.

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