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Successful Fundraising Ideas
February 7, 2003

"Influence comes out of the work that you've done and the things you've stood for. Influence and power shouldn't be given to just anybody who wants them.
‚Ä"Millicent Fenwick


The following fundraising success stories appeared in the Child Care Information Exchange article "Fundraising Ideas that Work": 

Egg Hunt. The owners of a jewelry store came up with a creative way to help the Fairfax-San Anselmo Children's Center in Fairfax, California. The store filled 1,000 plastic eggs with jelly beans. In 20 of these eggs, they also inserted gemstones. In one egg, they inserted a 21 carat diamond (in honor of the center's 21st anniversary). The eggs were displayed colorfully in the store's front window. The center mailed invitations to 3,500 people on their mailing list and that of the jewelry store encouraging them to join the egg hunt by buying an egg for at least a $3 donation.

Adopt an item. In Fort Worth, Texas, the St. Stephen Presbyterian Day School periodically displays pictures of items the center needs along with their prices. Center parents and church members "adopt" an item by donating the price of a specific item. 

Gala Dance. By holding a dinner dance for two consecutive years, the Springfield Day Nursery in Springfield, Massachusetts, has been able to raise over $55,000 for a scholarship fund. The center paid the performer's minimal fee, booked an auditorium, and sold tickets in the community.

To obtain a copy of this article, go to the Article Archives at www.ChildCareExchange.com and type in the keywords "fundraising ideas" in the search tool.


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