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Preparing Children for Their Future
November 4, 2011
Working people have a greatness. Given reasonable leadership they are all too willing to follow, do what is asked of them, and give their best to their employers. They are people. They are complex. . . . Good business leadership can create and generate the work spirit, the wish to cooperate.
-Arthur E. Imperatore
The children in our centers today will inherit a vastly different world than the one we inhabit today.  So how should we be preparing them for this unknown future in our early childhood programs today?  The November/December 2011 issue of Exchange addressed this question with four Beginnings Workshop "FutureThink" articles, including "Preparing Our Children Now for the Future:  Five Outcomes to Pursue."  Given the current climate, one might expect these outcomes to be "hard skills" such as early proficiency in reading, writing and math.  Rather, experts in the fields of business, workforce trends, and early childhood education strongly pointed toward five "soft" skills:

  • Social Intelligence — "The ability to connect to others in a deep and direct way, to sense and stimulate reactions and desired interactions."

  • Creativity — "In a world where change will only happen faster, workers who can creatively relate to new scenarios will be highly valued."

  • Cross-Cultural Competence — "Workers of the future must be able to successfully communicate shared goals, priorities, and values in a way that transcends differences and helps foster a spirit of collaboration."

  • Resilience — "Children need to encounter limits and hardships to learn how to persevere and solve problems by themselves."

  • Love of Nature — "Finding solutions to environmental challenges will require the best minds and the best efforts of this and future generations."

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Donna Chin Fatt · November 08, 2011
High River, Alberta, Canada

Quite in-keeping with the identified outcomes for preparing young children for the future, please refer to "Learning Outcomes for Early Childhood Development in the Caribbean: A Handbook for Practitioners (2010) distributed by the Caribbean Child Development Centre (CCDC), University of the West Indies, Open Campus, PO Box 141, Mona, Kingston 7, Jamaica or email <ccdc@open.uwi.edu>
ISBN: 978-976-632-054-6

Debirah Jones · November 07, 2011
RCMA-Central CDC
Plant City , FL, United States

Great article, I will definitely share this with my teachers.

shantha · November 04, 2011
Bangalore, India/karnataka, United States

these skills were requried at all times but only now they are getting focused as the 3 R's have not given us what we thought would give us.

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