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Six Stress Prevention Tips
November 8, 2011
The child is in me still and sometimes not so still.
-Fred Rogers
Scientific American Mind (September 2011) offered "six strategies for fighting stress before it starts":
  1. Seek and kill.  Take a few minutes every day to identify stressors in your life and find ways to reduce or eliminate them.

  2. Commit to the positive.  Don't rely on self-destructive ways of coping with stress — drinking, drugs, overeating.

  3. Be your own personal secretary.  People who keep lists of things to do really do more things.

  4. Immunize yourself.  Through exercise, thought management, and the daily practice of relaxation techniques, you will be in a better position to face stressors.

  5. Make a little plan.  Spend a few minutes every morning planning your day.  You will waste less time, get more done, and feel less stressed.

  6. And make a big plan.  Planning your future is a great way of exercising more control over your life. 

Alice Honig's insightful book, Little Kids, Big Worries: Stress-Busting Tips for Early Childhood Classrooms, is now available from Exchange.  Research shows that stress in the crucial early years of a child's life can pose dramatic, lasting challenges to development, learning, and behavior.  This is the practical book early childhood professionals need to recognize stress in young children — and intervene with proven relief strategies before pressures turn into big problems.  Developed by celebrated early childhood expert Alice Sterling Honig, Little Kids, Big Worries: Stress-Busting Tips for Early Childhood Classrooms helps readers address the most common causes of stress in a young child's life, including separation anxiety, bullying, jealousy, and family circumstances.


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Marinda Ko · November 08, 2011
Julia Gabriel Education Centre
singapore, singapore, Singapore

I've emailed to info@ChildCareExchange.com twice in October attempting to order a set of Learning Moments CD, "Learning Through Play: Ages 0-3 Years" but never receive any response.

Please advise how can we order this CD when we are outside of the USA.

Thank you.

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