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Benefits of Child Assessment
April 26, 2016
The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.
-John Milton (1667)

In the segment "What are the benefits of gathering assessment data?" in the VOICES DVD, Child Assessment, Nancy Rosenow and Elanna Yalow discuss how child assessment, when done right, can help teachers, children, and parents.  Rosenow observes:

"Authentic assessment can help us help the child to figure out 'How am I creative?,' 'How am I a learner?,'  'What am I good at?"

View Child Assessment segment


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Lori · April 27, 2016
Pennsylvania, United States

I agree with Kate, it did seem odd that the teacher was so focused on her laptop--documenting I suppose but seemingly disengaged from the actual children in the room. On another note, I have no problem with pre-printed coloring papers--I have children in my class who just love to color and color and color. They are also very creative and make their own unique art, but they love having the option to color a pre-printed picture as well---they are still expressing themselves.

kate dust · April 26, 2016
EduKids, Inc.
West Seneca, New York, United States

Perfect message; thoughtful, professional speakers.
Really surprised with visuals - over voice of authentic assessment through observations while teacher sits on a couch focused on computer, children working on dinosaur ditto sheets, toddler with blue marker around her mouth and on cheeks.

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