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Childcare Benchmarks
July 17, 2017
I was determined to know beans.
-Henry David Thoreau in Walden

Some interesting findings from the 2017 North American Child Care Sector Benchmark Survey:

  • "An overwhelming trend of 2016 was the increasing recognition of the importance of early childhood education in improving children's futures. James Heckman, economist and Nobel Laureate, published a study that expands upon previous work investigating the return on investment into early childhood education. He found that high quality programs for disadvantaged children can have a 13% return due to a variety of improved life outcomes, such as higher graduation and employment rates, lower drug use, and even lower blood pressure."
  • "The average monthly price by age group is inversely correlated with age, reflecting higher labor costs for the care of younger children as well as additional health and safety requirements. The average monthly price for infants was $1,500, decreasing to $612 once the child reaches School Age programs."
  • "Organizational priorities and risks for 2017 share many similarities to the 2016 benchmark results. Customer satisfaction continues to reign supreme as the top priority for organizations across all segments except for large (20+ location) organizations, which listed their top priority as education and programs. Labor also continues to be the largest expected risk for organizations in 2017."

Source: 2017 North American Child Care Sector Benchmark Survey

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