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Nurturing Ourselves
December 6, 2018
Practice being excited.
-Bill Foster

In the book, Heart-Centered Teaching Inspired by Nature, Nancy Rosenow writes: "Over the years I've talked with many educators who've told me they simply could not find much time for themselves because the demands of work and home took every bit of time they could muster. I certainly understand. That was my own story for quite a while, but now I'd like to offer a new way of thinking. I'm convinced if we want to inspire children to become their best selves, we first have to become ours. 

I believe the most important preparation for our work with children is to master the art of self-nurturing. For everyone's sake we simply can't afford not to make time for ourselves. We simply can't afford not to support ourselves in who we're authentically meant to be."

Heart-Centered Teaching
Inspired by Nature

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