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We Must Nurture This Also
April 2, 2019
Say yes when nobody asks.
-Lao Proverb

In her wonderful book, The Goodness of Rain, Ann Pelo reminds us all that:

“We teach children to write and to read and to navigate mathematical systems so that they can access the world of ideas and questions and intellectual exchange. We teach children how to behave with other people so that they can grow joyful and nourishing relationships. We teach children history, so that they know where they come from, and we teach them art, so that they can imagine what might be, and we teach them science so that they understand the intricate workings of the physical world. This teaching honors and strengthens children’s innate social, intellectual, cultural, and aesthetic identities, identities we value as a society. We don’t just leave their development to happenstance or luck.

Just so, we must nurture children’s intrinsic ecological identities with intentional and attentive action. This is our work…to braid their identities together with the place where they live by calling their attention to the air, the sky, the cracks in the sidewalk and where the earth bursts out of its cement cage.” 

The Goodness of Rain
Developing an Ecological Identity in Young Children

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"Reading The Goodness of Rain made my heart soar. With her beautiful descriptions of guiding young Dylan into seeing the details of the natural world around her, Ann Pelo offers us a clear picture of how we can offer children a strong sense of place in their upbringing." – Margie Carter

Join author Ann Pelo on her year-long journey as she nurtures the ecological identity of a toddler and discovers for herself what it means to live in relationship with the natural world.

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