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Monday Words of Support
April 6, 2020
Do what you feel in your heart to be right.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

A Message from Exchange’s Publisher, Nancy Rosenow:

As the situation we’re all facing with the coronavirus continues to unfold, I’ve been turning more and more to writers who inspire me. Today I found this from Maya Angelou:

“I’ve learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision.”

Her words were comforting. I know so many of us in the early childhood field have been grappling with difficult decisions with no easy answers; doing our best and making decisions from a place of love is all we can ask of ourselves.

Our team at Exchange stands with you as you go through this challenging time. Recently we sent out a survey, asking how we can best support you. I was so gratified by your wonderful responses. We are taking your ideas to heart, and are now hard at work creating some of the new resources you’ve requested. The kind words you’ve shared with us have been heartwarming, and you have our promise that we are trying to make decisions that will be most helpful to all of you who are doing such heroic work.

In a profession like ours where children look to us to learn about life, one piece of advice that has helped me is to embrace the word “and.” We can acknowledge the gravity of what we are facing, AND we can give thanks for the beauty of nature that still surrounds us. We can grieve for the loss of physical connections AND give thanks for technology that allows us to keep social connections.

We can feel our fear AND remember that love is always greater than fear.

I wish us all many moments of love in our week ahead.

Thank you for the important work you do for our world,


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Jayne Hafer · April 07, 2020
NE Focal Point Preschool
Deerfield Beach, Florida, United States

Thank you so much for this inspirational article. You have given us hope and much needed support in our field. So many times you are correct, we lead with out hearts without ever thinking twice about consequences. Perhaps this time is teaching all of us about patience and more communication then ever, however we have so many unknown variables at this time. The longing to be social is our nurturing nature and I believe that when this whole horrific situation passes we will look at all mankind with much more compassion.

Suzanne Di Lillo · April 06, 2020
Alameda, California, United States

A good resource for practicing this is Remy Charlip's Fortunately. I've used it for a number of years with children as young as three and all the way up to adults. Children particularly like creating their own Fortunately/Unfortunately stories. And when they must face disappointment, I engage them in looking for the Fortunately opportunity.

I did NOT use it when working with others during the first few months after 9/11.

Linda Boss · April 06, 2020
University of WI-Platteville
Lewistown, PA, United States

Thank you Nancy,

Your words and the quotes from Maya Angelou and Eleanor Roosevelt are inspiring. I plan to share them as discussion starters in my courses on Leadership and Administration and Supervision this week.

Thank you for all your ongoing efforts to support the professionals in this field.

Laura May · April 06, 2020
Calvary Lutheran Church and School
Kansas City, Jackson, United States

This is the perfect reflection for a Monday morning. So uplifting I certainly appreciate this Monday gift of support.

Terri · April 06, 2020
Orlando, FL, United States

This is lovely. Thank you :)

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